Asbestos Removal Cost

Asbestos was widely used in the construction industry from the 1930s and onwards. Nobody knew the health risks associated with asbestos at the time. Exposure to asbestos fibres leads to the development of lung cancer and other fatal diseases. A lot of people are researching how much does asbestos removal cost ever since these health hazards came to light.

Asbestos Removal Cost

How Widespread is Asbestos?

The use of asbestos in construction was banned in the UK in 1999 when it was confirmed as being a dangerous substance. Unfortunately, there is a good chance asbestos materials were used in the construction of your home if it was built between the years 1930 and 1999. Below you will find the most common places asbestos might have been used:

  • Roofs
  • Pipes and Gutters
  • Walls (cement)
  • Insulation (cavity wall, boards, attic)
  • Flooring

Don’t worry; you don’t need to start panicking. If the asbestos material is in excellent condition, it doesn’t pose any risk to your health. The risks to your health are only when it starts to deteriorate or gets damaged. The harmful fibres become airborne when the asbestos is disturbed in any way.

Must Asbestos Always be Removed?

Before you start to stress about asbestos removal cost, removing it isn’t always the cheapest option. Lots of homes in the UK were built using asbestos materials, but there is no need to start tearing the house apart.

If the asbestos in your home is in good condition and it’s not somewhere where it can be easily damaged, it won’t pose a risk to your health. The dangers with asbestos are when the material gets disturbed or damaged. The asbestos fibres become airborne, and that’s when it poses a serious risk to your health.

If it is located in an area where it is likely to get disturbed or damaged in any way, it should definitely be removed. There is no need to wait and see if it begins to deteriorate before you consider having it removed, especially with the serious risks to health involved. Investigating how much does asbestos removal cost could just save your life!


What Are The Different Types?

  • Chrysotile (white asbestos) has a white/grey colour to it and is flexible and strong. White asbestos was mostly used in the construction of homes, garages, and buildings.

  • Amosite (brown asbestos) was widely used for pipe insulation. It was also used in cement sheets and thermal insulation.

  • Crocidolite (blue asbestos) is considered to be the most hazardous form of asbestos. It was used in shipbuilding, construction and the automotive industries.

If your home was built between 1930 and 1999, there is a good chance asbestos materials were used in its construction. If you are concerned about the possibility of asbestos being in your home, you can hire an asbestos surveyor to check your home. If a surveyor detects the substance in your property, they might be able to give you a rough idea about asbestos removal cost.

How Much Does it Cost to Remove Asbestos?

The cost to remove asbestos depends on how much asbestos needs to be removed. An asbestos garage roof removal cost

can start from £350. The removal and disposal of an asbestos double garage will cost approximately £1100.

The four stages below will help you to estimate asbestos removal cost.

Identifying asbestos

The first step you need to take in identifying asbestos in your property is to hire an asbestos surveyor. An asbestos surveyor will assess your property and let you know how much of the hazardous material is present and if you are at risk. This stage is compulsory and provides you with crucial information. Identifying asbestos in your home will help you with the next two stages.

Costs start from £50+ for a basic appraisal of asbestos material

The cost of an extensive survey of the entire property starts at £200+

It is up to you whether you choose to have a basic or extensive survey. The extensive survey will provide you with a lot more information, which could be crucial to your health.

Asbestos Encapsulation (Option 1)

If you opted to have an extensive survey carried out on your property, the report might have provided you with the option of asbestos encapsulation. Asbestos encapsulation does not remove the asbestos from your property. Instead, a protective adhesive is sprayed onto the material. Encapsulation prevents harmful fibres from becoming airborne.

The cost of asbestos encapsulation is approximately £8 per square metre.

Asbestos Removal (Option 2)

If your survey report did not recommend asbestos encapsulation, then your only other option is to have the asbestos removed. If you would like a free no obligation quote you can enter your details into the contact form.

Asbestos removal cost is about £50 per square metre.

The cost of removing asbestos is higher than encapsulation. Removing the substance gives you peace of mind knowing that it is gone and is money well spent. You will no longer have to worry about disturbing the harmful material because it’s no longer in your home. By having the hazardous substance removed, the value of your home will increase.

There are many different factors to consider when estimating the costs of removing asbestos from your home. The factors to consider are location, amount of asbestos to be removed, and the amount of resources required. If asbestos is present in difficult to access areas, you will have to increase your budget.

Re-boarding (Optional)

Once the removal of asbestos material is complete, there are usually large areas of your home that need redecorating, boarding, and finishing.

The cost of re-boarding after removing asbestos starts at approximately £400+

What is Asbestos Air Testing?

During the asbestos removal process, its fibres are released into the air and are extremely hazardous to health if inhaled. Asbestos air testing monitors the levels of asbestos in the air before, during, and after the asbestos removal. An asbestos surveyor will carry out the following asbestos air tests:

Background Air Monitoring.

Asbestos becomes harmful when its fibres become airborne and can be inhaled. Before any removal work begins, a background air monitoring test is carried out to establish the ambient asbestos fibre levels of the area. The background asbestos air testing will detect if there are any problems before work begins.

Leak Air Monitoring

During the asbestos removal process, leak air monitoring will be carried out to test the control measures are adequate that the asbestos removal company has put in place. If poor removal techniques have been used or there are any breaches in the enclosure, asbestos air testing will keep everyone informed.

Reassurance Air Monitoring

Once the asbestos removal process is finished, the final test is a reassurance/clearance test. The purpose of the asbestos air clearance test is to make sure the area is safe for people to re-enter the property.

Personal Air Testing

Personal asbestos air testing is carried out during asbestos removals to monitor the asbestos exposure levels of the removal team.

The cost of asbestos air testing will depend on what type of test you need as well as how many. Every asbestos abatement is different, and some require more air tests than others. The best course of action to take is to get asbestos removal quotes that are tailored to your specific job. The only way to find out how much it costs to remove asbestos in your home is to make enquiries.

Asbestos Air Testing Cost

The cost of asbestos air quality tests is usually fixed instead of an hourly fee. Actual prices will vary because each job is different. The estimated cost for a basic background atmosphere test is approximately £60. The determining factors that need to be taken into account are as follows:

  • the amount of asbestos that needs to be disposed
  • your location
  • ease of access to asbestos material
  • the amount of resources required

Average Asbestos Removal Cost

The average costs are usually under £1000. Small jobs such as the removal and disposal of a domestic water tank can be done for as little as £200.

Larger jobs that need more resources, such as an asbestos garage removal can cost more than £2000.

Keep in mind that these expenses are only examples, and every job is different. If you are worried about how much it costs to remove asbestos from your home, think of it as an investment. If you are planning on staying in your home, not only are you increasing its value, you are protecting the future of your family’s health.

Find out how much your project will cost.

The cost data in this guide is based on the feedback from 1742 completed projects.

How this data is collected

  • People come to asbestos advisor because they want to know how much does asbestos removal cost.
  • the website visitor is keen to get some free quotes and enters their details into the contact form.
  • Once the job is complete, the costs of removing the asbestos are reported back to me.

What is the Average Cost to Remove Asbestos in the UK?

The average cost to remove asbestos in the UK is £1600. The average homeowner pays somewhere between £800 and £3000. If a house requires extensive, remediation the costs can be anywhere between £10,000 and £25,000 or more. The setup heavily influences the price. One of the largest expenses for any project is sealing off the area. As much as 70% of the final bill could be toward sealing off the work area to make it safe. Trained professionals charge anywhere between £50 and £150 per hour for labour.

Although asbestos can be hazardous to health, removing it isn’t always necessary. It only poses a risk to health when it becomes airborne. In some cases, it’s okay to leave the asbestos material alone. As long as the material is in good condition and it’s not likely to get disturbed or damaged. If you are remodeling an older property, you will have no choice but to remove the asbestos or encapsulate it to make it safe.

Note: before starting any abatement project, make sure you are familiar with the differences between a licensed and unlicensed company. You may be surprised to hear that unlicensed individuals and businesses can legally remove some types of asbestos. Hiring an unlicensed company can jeopardise your future health.

Asbestos Removal Cost Calculator

The following data might help you calculate the costs of an upcoming project. The data was collected from 1742 people who received quotes for removing asbestos from their home.

National Average Cost£1600
Typical Range£800 – £3000
Low End – High End£500 – £5000

The cost data above was reported back to Asbestos Advisor after the job was complete.

Average Labour Costs for Asbestos Removal

The average labour costs for asbestos removal specialists varies between £50 – £150 per hour for each member of the team. The average prices for asbestos removal jobs are between £940 and £2500. It usually takes two crew members about eight hours to complete a job.

Asbestos belongs to a group of naturally occurring silicate minerals. The fibres of asbestos are carcinogenic, which means it is very hazardous to your health. asbestos has been linked to causing cancer, particularly lung cancer and stomach cancer.

The hazardous material was used extensively in commercial and domestic construction before it was banned in the UK in 1999. The use of asbestos has been banned in over 50 countries.

Average Cost of Materials & Equipment

It costs approximately £235 for equipment and another £180 in materials to complete each job. The safety of the crew members is paramount. Specialised equipment has to be used to stop the asbestos fibres from becoming airborne during the abatement process. Every possible safety measure is taken to protect the safety of the crew members. A typical removal project requires sealing off, using specialised safety equipment, installing negative airflow fans, and applying sealants.

Material & Equipment Costs

Asbestos Removal Material & Equipment Costs
Asbestos Safe Respirator£25 to £150 each
Eye Protection£10 to £30 per set
Tyvek whole bodysuit£10 to £50 each
Rubber Boots£25 to £45 per pair
Disposable Rubber Gloves£10 to £15 per box
HEPA Vacuum£200 to £1000+

HEPA Vacuums

The cost of a small, portable HEPA vacuum, which is powerful enough to use in small commercial projects, varies between £200 and £1000+. The cost to buy a large HEPA dust extractor vacuum for big commercial projects is between £3500 and £15,000. The cost to hire a large, commercial HEPA dust extractor vacuum is approximately £100 per day.

An important part of having asbestos removed by professionals is the cleanup. Hiring professionals ensures that the cleanup will be carried out to the highest standard. A professional company will use a very powerful HEPA vacuum that can remove a minimum of 99.97% of particles out of the air. The size of the particles removed from the air are 0.3 microns or larger.

How Much Does Asbestos Disposal Cost?

The cost of asbestos disposal can vary depending on where you live. If the asbestos waste is packaged correctly and ready for transport, costs vary between 55p per kilogram and 80p per kilogram. asbestos disposal costs usually include environment agency fees and landfill tax but not VAT.

Asbestos Disposal Cost

Residential vs. Commercial Removal Prices

The difference between residential and commercial costs is minimal. The techniques used for the removal of asbestos is the same. Whether it be residential or commercial, the health and safety (HSE) guidelines must be adhered.

Regional Price Factors

Asbestos removal cost will depend on which part of the country you live in. Asbestos removal costs in big cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham, Yorkshire, Glasgow, or Merseyside, for example, maybe higher than if you live outside of a big city. Another factor to take into account is how much the local council charges for the safe disposal of asbestos. You can visit.GOV website to find your local councils asbestos disposal policies.

Asbestos Removal Costs Per Square Meter

The cost of asbestos removal is about £50 per square meter. A small number of people reported the costs of removing an asbestos roof being more than £80 per square meter. To get the most accurate price, you need to get a quote tailored to your specific job.

Asbestos Abatement Costs

  • Setup time: setting up and sealing off uses between 60 and 70 percent of the project’s budget.
  • Contractor fees: the minimum contractor fees vary between £800 and £1500. These fees have to cover overheads, permits, and disposal fees.
  • Encapsulation: can save as much as 25% on the cost of removing the asbestos. Encapsulation eliminates the costs of disposal fees.

It’s impossible to put a fixed cost on every job. The job’s location, demolition requirements, amount of material to be removed, and assessability issues all need to be taken into account.

For example, let’s say a property was undergoing a renovation. There is an 8 inch insulated pipe that needed remediation. If the pipe was exposed in a single open basement, it might only cost around £800. This project would not require any demolition work, and it is only a small space that needs sealing. Yet if that same pipe was under the floorboards and it crossed through multiple rooms, a lot more preparation would have to be carried out. Every room that the pipe passed through would have to be sealed and prepped with negative air fans. The floorboards in every room would have to be removed to get access to the pipe. This could push the costs into thousands of pounds.

Asbestos Floor Tile Removal Cost

Costs of Removing Asbestos Ceiling Tiles & Artex Finishing

The average cost to remove ceiling tiles varies between £15 and £50 per square metre. The removal of Artex ceilings or acoustic ceilings costs somewhere in the region of £6-£18 per square metre. If your ceiling has been tested for asbestos and the result came back negative, the cost to have it removed would be about £700.

The Average Cost of Removing Asbestos Flooring & Tiles

Floor tiles can be difficult to remove. Most floor tile removal projects need the tiles to be mechanically removed. The adhesive used to fix them in place is difficult to remove. Another solution to having the tiles removed is to encapsulate the tiles. Once encapsulated, the new flooring can be laid down on top of the old tiles. Floor tile asbestos removal cost is around £35 – £50 per square metre. The average cost of installing new flooring could be anywhere between £800-£3000.

How Much Does Asbestos Garage Removal Cost in the UK?

The cost of asbestos garage removal will depend on the size of the garage and where it is located. Below you will find the average cost of asbestos garage removal section by section.

  • The average cost of asbestos garage roof removal varies between £380-£680 (if you include the sides)
  • The average cost of having an asbestos double garage roof removed varies between £750-£1800 (if you include sides)
  • The average cost of having asbestos garage insulation ceiling boards removed is approximately £1300.

The Cost of Asbestos Pipe Lagging & Insulation Removal

The average cost of removing asbestos pipe lagging is approximately £40 per metre. Before asbestos was banned, most construction companies used asbestos lagging for insulating pipes. Only trained professionals should attempt to remove asbestos insulation from pipes. If the pipes are hard to access, the cost to remove asbestos pipe lagging is likely to increase.

There are two reasons why the removal of asbestos pipe lagging is so expensive. The first reason is the type of asbestos used was the most dangerous type – amosite (brown asbestos). The second reason is when the asbestos pipe lagging is disturbed; it creates a lot of dust. If inhaled, the dust is extremely hazardous to health.

Roof Tiles Removal Cost

The cost of removing roof tiles containing asbestos varies between £60 and £170 per square metre. The roof is one of the hardest to access areas. Scaffolding or other specialised access equipment will be required.

Roof tiles containing asbestos were widely used in the construction industry due to their fire resistant properties. asbestos roof tiles are a cement based material that is hard wearing and can last over 40 years. Roof tiles containing asbestos are not hazardous to your health until they are disturbed or damaged. Damaged asbestos roof tiles can release dangerous fibres into the air. If the fibres are inhaled, it can lead to lung cancer, asbestosis, or mesothelioma.

Average Cost of Removing Asbestos Attic Insulation

The cost of removing asbestos insulation from the attic varies between £10 – £20 per square metre

The average price of attic insulation removal will depend on the size of the property.  Attic insulation asbestos removal cost starts at approximately £800 and can go up to as much as £15,000. The average price of having new insulation installed after the removal of the old insulation would cost an additional £800 – £2000.

Wall or Drywall

Homes that were built before the asbestos ban in 1999 are at risk of containing asbestos within the plaster or textured wall coatings (Artex). The use of asbestos in wall coatings and plaster was widespread because of its fire resistant properties, and it was cheaply available.

It became every builder and plasterer’s first choice to use on fire rated walls and ceilings. The cost to remove Artex or plaster from all of the walls in a 1500 ft.² house would be between £10,000 and £16,000.

However, removing the walls isn’t necessary in most cases. Encapsulation is a much cheaper alternative. Costs for wall encapsulation in the UK vary between £20 and £60 per square metre. Installing new drywall costs approximately £800 – £2200 or more.

Asbestos Garage Roof Removal Cost UK

How Much Does Asbestos Garage Removal Cost in the UK?

Asbestos garage removal costs requires the same setup as any other removal job. Sealing off the area, setting up, labour and waste disposal have to be taken into account. No matter what type of job it is, all job’s require the same setup procedures. Average cost of asbestos garage removal is about £800 for a single garage. Removal costs for a double garage would be about £1200.

Asbestos Wall Cladding, Guttering, and Downpipes

asbestos wall cladding, downpipes, and gutters are usually found on warehouse type buildings. asbestos cladding is similar to roof sheeting because it has the same shape and structure. asbestos wall cladding repair costs start at approximately £500 and can go up to as much as £8000.

A more cost effective solution to repairing asbestos wall cladding would be encapsulation. Encapsulating wall cladding would make the area safe without having to have it removed. After encapsulation, new wall cladding materials can be laid over the top of the original wall cladding.

Asbestos in the Air

There should be no traces of asbestos in the air. If your home does have asbestos in the air, it is likely that you have damaged friable materials somewhere in your home. The best course of action would be to have asbestos air testing carried out in your home. The cost of having an asbestos air test in your home starts at about £200+.

Asbestos removal specialists have to make sure that no dust finds its way into an HVAC system when they are working. To achieve this, they use a negative air machine and construct a small clean room in the area where they are working to make sure there is no dust in the air.

After the asbestos material has been removed, an air quality report will be carried out to test the quality of the air. Clearance testing measures the concentration of airborne fibres. If asbestos fibres are detected in the air, the removal team will clean your home again. The cost of an asbestos air testing roughly £250 on average.

Asbestos Remediation Cost by Type

Most companies make little distinction between the different types of asbestos when it comes to removal procedures. No matter what kind of asbestos material has to be removed, it requires the same setup, equipment, time, and disposal. The following three types of asbestos are what are most likely to be found in buildings and homes.

  • Chrysotile was the most widely used type of asbestos in the construction industry. Also known as white asbestos, the size of its fibres range between 0.5 – 0.6 microns.
  • Amosite was the second most popular type of asbestos used in the construction industry. Also known as Brown asbestos, the size of its fibres are between 0.20 and 0.26 microns. Brown asbestos fibres are small enough to pass through most HEPA vacuums.
  • Crocidolite was the least used type of asbestos in the construction industry. Also known as blue asbestos, it is the most dangerous type of asbestos. It was responsible for wiping out entire mining communities. The size of the crocidolite fibres are between 0.7 – 0.9 microns.
asbestos encapsulation cost

Asbestos Encapsulation Cost

Approximate costs for asbestos encapsulation in the UK are between £8 and £15 per square metre. The specialist sealant used for encapsulation costs approximately £240 for a 5 L drum. The actual price for encapsulation will depend on how much time is required for setting up and the location of your property.

The encapsulation process consists of applying a specialised coating on the asbestos material. The coating stops the hazardous fibres from becoming airborne. The sealant used is usually sprayed onto floors, ceilings, and walls. Some encapsulation projects require the sealant to be applied to roofs and exterior walls.

Asbestos Testing & Removal Costs

Expect to pay somewhere between £150 and £800 for an inspection and asbestos testing. The inspection consists of visually inspecting the property and sending samples to a lab for testing. Most companies outsource the testing to a third party. Using separate removal and testing companies is a good idea.

Testing for the presence of asbestos must be carried out before the removal process. Once the removal is complete, post abatement testing is required to make sure it is safe. Clearance testing costs can vary quite a lot depending on the size and the location.


Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Asbestos Removal?

The majority of home insurance policies do not cover asbestos removal cost. Your home insurance policy might have HO-3/open perils coverage, but if you read the contents of the policy, you will see that there is an exclusion for pollution. Asbestos falls into the category of pollution. The cost of home insurance would increase quite a lot if insurance companies were to cover removing the removal of asbestos in their policies.

Is Asbestos Removal Expensive & Necessary?

It is not always necessary to have asbestos removed. Often, it is better to leave the asbestos material where it is as long as it is in good condition. The cost of having asbestos removed can be expensive, but encapsulating it is much more affordable. An asbestos surveyor will be to tell you whether you need to have the material removed or encapsulated.

Where to Report Illegal Fly-tipping

If you have seen somebody illegally fly-tipping asbestos, you should contact your local council. Give the council the fly-tippers vehicle registration number if you can. If the asbestos was illegally dumped in a public facility, then you should contact the health and safety executive.

How Long After Removal is it Safe?

It takes between 48 and 72 hours for airborne asbestos fibres to settle. Yet, any slight disturbance in a room with asbestos dust particles settled on the ground could make them airborne again. The room would have to stay vacant for at least another 72 hours until the dust settled again.

Can I Remove an Asbestos Roof Myself?

You should never attempt to remove asbestos yourself. Asbestos is very harmful to your health if you inhale the fibres or comes into contact with your skin. Although some people do remove it themselves and burn it afterward, it is not advised. If the material is not handled correctly, it is highly likely that its fibres will become airborne. Airborne asbestos fibres are dangerous to everyone in the area.

The safe removal of asbestos is the job of a trained professional. A professional will be equipped with specialist breathing apparatus and safety clothing. If you attempt to move asbestos yourself, you are putting yourself at risk as well as others.

If you are thinking about removing asbestos yourself, please read this article. The article explains how inhaling asbestos fibres can cause lung cancer, asbestosis, and mesothelioma.

The simple answer is no. Do not attempt to remove asbestos yourself. Get a free quote to find out how much asbestos removal cost and take it from there.

How Much is Asbestos Removal for a House?

It’s not quite that easy to provide a straightforward answer to this question. If somebody were to ask me how much is asbestos removal for a house, my answer would be how big is the house? How much asbestos needs to be removed from the house? You can expect to pay approximately £50 per square metre for the removal of asbestos from a house.

Why is Removing Asbestos so Expensive?

Asbestos removal cost is expensive because of several different reasons. The most obvious reason is it is extremely hazardous to health. Only trained professionals should remove asbestos. Other factors to take into account are the need for specialist equipment, safe disposal, wages, insurance, etc.

What Does Asbestos Look like in Ceilings and Floors?

You cannot visually distinguish a difference between asbestos floor tiles or ceiling tiles than any other type of tiles. Any installation of floor and ceiling tiles before the year 1999 might contain asbestos. It is wise to have an asbestos inspection in your home before starting any renovations on an older property.

How Much Does it Cost to Remove an Asbestos Garage Roof?

The cost of having an asbestos garage roof removed starts at around £350 for a single garage. If you would like the roof and the sides of a single garage removed, it would cost about £600. The cost of having a double garage roof removed starts at roughly £650. If you would like the entire garage removed it would cost approximately £1100

What is the Difference Between Friable and Nonfriable Asbestos?

  • Friable asbestos is a material that contains more than 1% of asbestos. Friable asbestos can be crumbled or pulverised into powder by your hand, and this is the reason why it’s so hazardous to homeowners. Once friable asbestos is in powdered form, its fibres become airborne, and the risk of inhalation is potentially lethal.
  • NonfriableNonfriable asbestos means that the hazardous fibres are held in a solid matrix such as cement in asbestos sheeting. The fibres are less likely to pose a risk to health unless the product has been damaged or begins to deteriorate.

Asbestos Removal vs Encapsulation

The difference between removal and encapsulation is that removal is exactly as it sounds – the complete removal of the asbestos from a building. asbestos encapsulation means leaving the asbestos material where it is and spraying it with a protective barrier to minimise the risk of asbestos exposure.

Can I Legally Remove Asbestos from my House?

Nobody is going to stop you from removing asbestos from your own home; it’s perfectly legal. But that doesn’t mean to say you should. Before considering the idea of removing asbestos from your own home, make sure you understand the dangers of removing it. Inhaling asbestos fibres is a potential death sentence. It is linked to causing lung cancer and certain types of stomach cancer and other noncancerous diseases. Hiring a professional for asbestos abatement isn’t the cheapest option, but it won’t kill you. Think of your health and your family’s health before considering doing it yourself. It is much safer to contact an asbestos removal company who specialises in the safe removal of this dangerous substance.

How long does Asbestos Removal Take?

The amount of time it takes to remove all of the asbestos from a home or commercial property depends on four different factors. These factors are 1. The size of the building 2. How much asbestos is in the building 3. Assessability to the asbestos 4. The abatement period to make sure the property is safe enough to enter.

Are There Cheap or Free Asbestos Removal Services Available?

The word cheap usually implies an unprofessional risk taker when it comes to asbestos removal cost. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as cheap asbestos removal services. If you have asbestos that needs removing, always hire a professional company that follows all of the health and safety guidelines.

How Long do I Have to Wait Before I Can Re-enter My Home After Removal?

Once the asbestos is out of your home, and it has passed an air clearance test, it is safe to go back inside.

Are Landlords Required to Remove Asbestos?

Landlords are required by law to make sure the safety of the tenant are a priority. If asbestos is found within a landlord’s property, they have two options. The first option is to remove the asbestos. The second option is asbestos encapsulation. The condition of the asbestos will determine the best course of action.

Do I Need to Demolish My House if it Contains Asbestos?

There is no need to have a house demolished because it contains asbestos. An asbestos surveyor will be able to carry out tests on your home. A surveyor will tell you whether you should encapsulate or have it removed. Although removing asbestos can be expensive, having a house demolished is not the most economical solution.

Ask Your Local Council if They Provide Free asbestos Removal & Disposal

If you would rather try and get free asbestos removal, you might have a little bit of luck contacting your local council. Depending on where you live, some councils might remove a small amount of asbestos for free. Some have their own asbestos disposal services in place, and the costs are much lower than private companies. It’s a good idea to check with them first.

York Council – have its own asbestos removal services in place. They will remove up to 200 kg of asbestos roof sheeting, gutters, pipes, and asbestos cement for approximately £95.

Richmond upon Thames Council – charge £44 to remove up to 200 kg of asbestos materials.

Essex County Council – offers free asbestos cement removal to a maximum weight of 40 kg.

Bedford Council – have their own low-cost removal services. They charge £206 to remove eight sheets, £260 for 12 sheets and £300 for 16 sheets.

Always Hire a Certified Asbestos Specialist

The cost of removing asbestos isn’t cheap. You may be tempted to cut corners to save money by choosing not to have an extensive survey or even worse, trying to do this hazardous job yourself. Removing asbestos can be fatal. Don’t take risks.

The temptation to hire cheap, unqualified labourers is also a bad idea. By doing so, you jeopardise the health of your family, friends, and anyone else who comes into your home.

Before you hire anyone to remove asbestos from your home, make sure you read the control of asbestos regulations. The regulations clearly state that you should only hire professional tradespeople to carry out the work. You want to make sure that the surveyor and removal company that you hire are accredited to the following:

– Uses a UKAS accredited lab for sample assessment

– HSE Licensed (if removing asbestos)

– BOHS P402 Standard

– Hazardous Waste Carriers Licence (for asbestos transport)

The first step you need to take if you have asbestos in your home is to get in touch with your local council. Ask them if they provide free removal and disposal. In the unfortunate event that your local council does not support free asbestos removal services, it will be wise to get some quotes for asbestos testing and removal.

Asbestos Shed Removal Cost

Prices for asbestos shed roof removal are dependent upon the size of the shed and its location. Prices start at about £300, but that is only a rough estimate. If you would like an accurate quote for asbestos shed roof removal or replacement, you will need to get a quote from an asbestos removal company. Getting a quote of a company that specialises in the removal of asbestos will be able to assess the amount of asbestos on your shed roof and provide you with an accurate quote for its safe removal and disposal.

This free guide to asbestos removal cost was written by Asbestos Adviser and published in May 2023.